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Recycled Lumber

West Coast Woods

West Coast Woods offers eco-friendly alternatives to building and crafting with one of nature’s most beautiful and useful products. As a division of Jackel Enterprises, we specialize in urban salvage, recycled, certified, and conventional lumber. Our team has assisted builders, architects, interior designers, and homeowners in achieving their dreams. We supply everything from raw timbers to fine furnishings. Our broad selection of woods originating from the North American West Coast includes a large selection of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir in clear, vertical fine grain and timbers. We also stock and mill Monterey Cypress, Black Acacia, Redwood, Walnut, Elm, Bay Laurel lumber and live edge slabs.

Our goal is to facilitate your lumber needs and provide an important link in the building process, enabling you to transform an idea or plan to a finished product by supplying the best materials, excellent service and outstanding value.

  Lumber redwood
West Coast Woods covered air drying facility.

Elm logs, lumber
100+ Year Old Elm

In January 2013, San Jose State University removed 28 English and Scotts Elm trees from the San Jose Campus. West Coast Woods, a division of Jackel Enterprises, was able to salvage these 100 year old trees. Over 80 log sections are now at our yard. We are milling this beautiful material to live edge slabs and lumber. We will custom cut to your specifications. see photos

  Wood Slabs Ready Wood Slabs

West Coast Woods mills a range of material, some of which is perfect for live edge slab presentation. We air and kiln dry material then sand and "ready" finish them to show and protect their innate quality. Here are two ready slabs in our warehouse of Pine and Monterey Cypress. Visit our warehouse and drying facility to pick your perfect West Coast Woods slabs.

Lumber redwood

Ecological Use of Natural Resources

We provide sustainable lumber solutions that include salvaged and recycled materials, and Forest Stewardship Council certified material. All of which is Grown, Harvested, Manufactured, Salvaged and Remanufactured from the North American West Coast.

Lumber Milling

Custom In-house Milling for Builders & Craftsmen

Our crew includes veteran mill workers who are knowledgeable about a broad range of lumber and milling techniques including: band mill, re-saw, planing, sanding, kiln drying, molding, and finishing.


Live Edge Slabs

West Coast Woods specializes in various live edge slabs. Slabs are 1" thick and thicker with a live-edge or natural side(s) of the tree. Milled from logs, each slab is unique and used for special purposes. We mill the logs through and through and stack them in the original sequence.
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  Recylcled, Salvage, Certified Lumber phone: 1-800-711-WOOD (9663) | email | 801 Ohlone Parkway, Watsonville, CA 95076  
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